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Launch of Utilities In April

🌎 NEWGOLD ROADMAP FOR APRIL 2024Everyone who has NewGold token is lucky. You came early and never mind or get worried over the current price of NewGold.We have been working behind the scene to ensure that NewGold become an established global brand and NOT just a "hit and run" money making system. NewGold will last for GENERATIONS. We are building systems that will ensure NewGold last for decades.These are some of the systems or apps we shall launch in April. The launch will help NewGold to have more reputation, become durable and could attract whale Investors; 1. ✅ NEWGOLD SOCIAL MEDIA APP; This is a video social media app like Tiktok.2. ✅ NEWGOLD ECOMMERCE PLATFORM; This is a platform for buying and selling goods and services, NewGold will become the payment gateway or currency for transactions.3. ✅ NEWGOLD FOUNDATION; Helping the less privileged with grants to start businesses, to pay school fees and so on.4. ✅ NEWGOLD LAUNCHPAD; You can launch your own cryptocurrency. It will work like pinksale or Dxsale.5. ✅ NEWGOLD EXCHANGE; Like Binance or Coinbase, you can trade various cryptocurrencies. NewGold will be the default main pair for all coins.6. ✅ NEWGOLD CRYPTO UNIVERSITY; Reaching millions of unbanked people in every nook and crannies of the earth to learn about cryptocurrency and to first adopt NewGold 7. ✅ NEWGOLD CRYPTO MARKET CAP REPORT; To function like cmc or CG.8. ✅ NEWGOLD TOKEN ON  SOLANA NETWORK; We shall expand our reach from NewGold on bsc to solana.If you are yet to buy NexM Bsc, NexM solana, and NewGold tokens.Exciting time and season of prosperity is coming.

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